How to Study Abroad: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide for International Students in 2023

How to Study Abroad: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide for International Students in 2023 

Have you ever wanted to know how to study abroad and where to begin? You should go abroad to study if you can because it will change your life. But first, a few things about your approach to studying abroad: a study abroad application requires a lot of planning. When should you go overseas to study? Could you afford it? How do you apply, and which nation should you even pick? Learn how to study abroad by reading on.

First Thing to Do: Make a plan

Don’t be deterred by the numerous study abroad falsehoods that exist. There are a lot of hurdles between thinking about a program and showing up on campus, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can get past them. The primary choices you’ll have to make when studying abroad are when to go and how to pay for it, so I’ll keep the answer to the question “How does studying abroad work?” brief. Getting your parents to agree to let you study abroad could also be difficult. Before we go into the specifics of how to do it, let’s ensure it fits into your life.

When should I study abroad?

If you’re ready to go abroad for a master’s degree or a Ph.D., this may be an easy decision. Additionally, studying abroad for a bachelor’s degree provides a fantastic opportunity. To study abroad, you do not need to apply for an entire degree. It is possible to spend a semester or two studying abroad through your home university. If you choose this path, you’ll need to figure out how studying abroad will fit into your academic schedule, course requirements, and personal and professional obligations.

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Depending on your college or major, you might not have much choice. Some universities don’t let first-year students travel abroad. For those considering short-term programs, the third or fourth year of your bachelor’s degree is typically a common time to travel abroad. Be sure to check with your university’s study abroad office or your academic advisor, who can provide information on what’s most typical and convenient for you.

Can I study abroad as an engineering or pre-med student?

Yes, you can pursue a career in engineering or medicine abroad. Many people think that students in pre-medicine or other STEM fields can’t study abroad because they have to meet strict academic requirements. This is false. While you may need to make advance plans if you have many academic requirements, studying abroad is possible. This will make getting into medical school easier since you will have learned important soft skills.

As soon as you decide you want to study abroad, get in touch with your school’s pre-professional advising office. They’ll be able to work around your schedule to find a time that works for you. Even if you can’t spend a full year abroad, you can usually participate in a summer program or at least a semester.

Can I afford to study abroad?

It cannot be overstated that studying abroad can be expensive. You’re not alone if you wish to ask young people studying abroad how they manage it when you see them. Studying abroad can be extremely expensive, but there are ways to get around this. You can look for student employment abroad, look for scholarships, and come up with other inventive ways to cut costs.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

The cost will vary depending on the country you visit and how long you stay. Beyond program costs, other expenses to keep in mind during your study abroad experience include airfare, transportation, lodging, and daily living expenses. Be prepared to add a sizable sum of extra cash to that total as well for things like weekend getaways or fancy dinners! Check out our country guides to learn more about how to set a budget for expenses in different countries.

Nevertheless, there is good news! If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree while studying abroad, you have a lot of choices. For instance, if you are already receiving financial aid to attend college, that money will still be used to support your study abroad plans. Obtaining a student loan or accumulating scholarships are other options. Even if you are unable to pay for a full year of study abroad, you can still have that transformative experience through a summer program.

How can I convince my parents to let me study abroad?

Your family may resist the decision to let you study abroad. Put yourself in their position; they are probably just anxious, particularly if they have always lived close by or if you have never traveled abroad. However, you will succeed if you can convince them and alleviate their concerns.
Prepare yourself first. They’ll ask you a lot of questions, and you’ll need to be able to respond. Make sure you are prepared to pay for it in any way that may be necessary. Explain the advantages of studying abroad and assure your family that you’ll keep in touch with them frequently while you’re away. Even the most overly protective parents could be won over if you approach the conversation with empathy.

Secondary. Begin your search.

The fun part starts once you have a general idea of when you’ll go and how you’ll pay for it (and have your parents’ approval, if necessary). The next step is choosing your destination!

Where should I study abroad?

You may already be certain of the university you want to attend as well as the region or continent where you want to study. Or, you want to attend a well-known biology program as a pre-med student who is open to studying abroad.

Find out if your home university collaborates with other universities abroad and if you’re interested in learning more about short-term study abroad opportunities. If so, taking this path to transfer credits is your simplest option. Consult your study abroad office for a list of the many universities that your school has partnerships with.

If you haven’t chosen a country yet

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do you study abroad?” be prepared for the answer to vary greatly depending on where you go. Browse through the Top 10 Global Locations to Study Abroad in 2023 for some ideas or visit the Top 10 European and Asian Nations for even more options. These rankings were developed using information from outside sources and student preferences from our yearly student survey to come up with a list of the best places to study abroad.

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