St. Clare’s Scholarship Application Form

St. Clare’s Scholarship Application St. Clare’s School, which is an all-girls Catholic school that is located in the village of Hickory, NC, provides students with an education that is based on the values of faith and academic excellence to enhance the lives of every girl throughout the course of her development, and enable her to lead an active life of service and leadership within the Church as well as in the world. (Scholarship Information) Candidates are required to be fully-time learners (12 plus hours) in an undergraduate program that is accredited at the accredited U.S.

What exactly is St Clare’s scholarship?

St. Clare’s Scholarship Application Program grants the opportunity to award scholarships to students who meet the requirements listed below and who attend an accredited institution of higher learning or a university in the United States of America during the academic year 2016-2017 as well as 2017-2018. They must have completed at least four months (1 academic year) of studies within St. Clare’s Catholic High School.

Who is eligible to apply for St Clare’s scholarship program?

Anyone who is interested in helping young women who would not have otherwise been financially able to afford the cost of Catholic education, regardless of religion and ethnicity or socioeconomic status, is eligible to apply. Our scholarships are based on merit, and your financial situation will only be considered if you are chosen as an award winner. To apply for this scholarship, living within the St. Clare’s parish is unnecessary. We are open to applications for scholarships from students from the U.K. and from overseas.

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How to apply to be considered for St Clare’s Scholarship Application Program

You could be among the applicants who have been given one of our highly coveted academic scholarships.

We provide I.B. Diploma scholarships to students who have contributed to our vibrant community of learners academically and through their achievements, experiences and pursuits. Register HERE

We invite you to get in touch with us for any queries you have regarding the application process. You can also go to the School’s website on the following link: Here.

I.B. Scholarship for 2023 Entry

Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarship

A small number of our scholarships are designated as “Anne Dreydel Foundation Scholarships”, founded by our founder in 1953. They last for the entire period of two years. I.B. Diploma:

  • Day places The maximum amount of scholarship includes all I.B. Diploma tuition fees.
  • Boarding spaces The maximum scholarship award will cover the I.B. fees for tuition and the cost of living.

Partial scholarship awards

We also provide partial awards, which are applicable for the whole 2 years I.B. Diploma:

  • Days: A award is a portion of I.B. Diploma tuition fees.
  • Boarding facilities: The award is for a portion of I.B.’s tuition and residential fees.
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Scholarship type Day locations Boarding locations

Year of entry September 2023 September 2023

Deadline for Applications 21 October 2022 20 October 2023

Scholarship Testing Day 5 November 2022 4 November 2023

Offers availability Awards for partial and full-time employees. Part and full awards

Final Thought

Despite your efforts to seek aid, you might not be able to make your dream of attending college without taking out substantial amounts of money via student loans. Here at St. Clare’s, we know that choosing a school is a crucial choice for students as well as their families. We would like you to know that we’re here to help to finance your education. If you’re eligible under federal assistance or other forms of aid, we’ll take every step to help you make attending St. Clare’s affordable. For more information on how we can make your dream of obtaining the degree you desire from St. Clare’s come to life, please fill out our online application as quickly as possible!

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