Sysco Baugh Scholarship | John F. and Eula Mae Baugh Sysco Scholarship, Eligibility

Sysco Baugh Scholarship | John F. and Eula Mae Baugh Sysco Scholarship, Eligibility, are you looking for a way to get free college tuition? Do you want to do something expressive with your life? Then apply to the sysco baugh scholarship award program.


About: Sysco is a fervent supporter of higher education and is empowering our young people to become future leaders. Sysco Corporation established the John F. and Eula Mae Baugh Sysco Scholarship Program in memory of its founder, Chief Executive Officer, and his wife in recognition of the commitment of their integrity, character, and determination that Sysco employees’ kids who are pursuing undergraduate studies in accredited four-year colleges and universities.

The program is run through Scholarship America(r), the country’s largest creator and manager of scholarships, tuition assistance, and other educational assistance programs for foundations, corporations, associations, individuals, and foundations. The sponsor’s decision determines individual program eligibility, and the Scholarship America evaluation team scrutinizes eligible applications.

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Applicants to the John F. and Eula Mae Baugh Scholarship Program must:

  • Dependent children (up to 24 years old)) who are full-time Sysco Corporation employees with at least two years of service within the company up to the date of the application deadline?
  • “Dependent” children refer to legal or natural adopted stepchildren or children of an employee who can be eligible for the business’s benefits.
  • Seniors from high school or graduates who are planning to attend college or are currently taking a full-time undergraduate course of studies for the entire academic year at a four-year accredited university or college.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 on the 4.0 scale (or equivalent).

Children of retired employees who are in good standing can be qualified to apply.

Children of corporate vice presidents or above are not qualified to apply.


  • If selected as a winner, The student will be awarded an award of $500 to $2,500. A maximum of (23) awards can be awarded, and financial need will be considered when determining (9) need-based awards. However, financial need is not considered in (14) merit-based awards based on merit.
  • To be eligible for award payments, recipients, renewal students, and award winners’ parents must be employed by Sysco Corporation at the time the checks are issued.
  • The award can be renewed for up to three months or till a bachelor’s degree has been obtained, whichever is first. Renewing is contingent on keeping a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent during a full-time program of study at a recognized four-year university or college or the continuation of work for the parent of the student at Sysco Corporation as well as the continued operation of the program offered by Sysco Corporation.
  • The awards are intended for undergraduate studies only.
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Sysco Baugh Scholarship Selection of Recipients

The recipients of scholarships are chosen according to their academic records, leadership qualities and involvement in activities at school and in the community and honors, experience in work, and a written statement of education as well as career goals and goals and other unusual family or personal circumstances as well as an online endorsement. Financial need is considered when determining those who are awarded based on need. Financial need is not taken into consideration for merit-based awards.

The selection of recipients has been conducted under the responsibility of Scholarship America. No employee or agent of Sysco Corporation has any role in the selection process. All applicants agree to take the final decision.


The applicants are informed in the latter part of June.

Payment of Scholarships

Scholarship America manages the scholarship payment through Sysco Corporation. In August, the payments are made. Students outside of those in the U.S. and Canada will receive the wires in September.

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Required Materials

In an application, you need to upload the following information:

  • A current and complete transcript of your grades. Reports on grades aren’t accepted. Transcripts must include the student’s name and school name, as well as credits hours and grades for each term during which the course was completed.
  • Note: If you are providing SAT or ACT scores and the scores aren’t included on your transcript from high school, It is necessary to upload copies of your test report(s) in a separate file. If you upload your college transcript, the scores aren’t required.

A recommendation form online must be completed by you on your behalf, not after the 18th of May, 2022, at 3:00 midnight CT.

The application will result in no way complete unless documents are uploaded electronically.

NOTE: The application process will be available again in April. You can then return to see the most recent Eligibility and Awards for the coming academic year! If you’re an applicant looking to learn about additional scholarship opportunities that you may be eligible for, go through our Scholarship America hub and register!

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Final Thought On sysco baugh scholarship

In order to apply for scholarships, you need to be aware of the steps to take. Numerous types of scholarships are available, each with its own criteria for application. Certain requires the form of a portfolio. Others will require a personal essay. Some may require you to draft an endorsement letter or show proof of financial assistance.

Before you submit your applications, knowing what kind of scholarship you’re submitting will help is essential. For instance, if you’re seeking a grant, you’ll need to collect proof regarding your current financial status. If you’re applying for a loan, you’ll have to show that you’re eligible for the loan.

Although most scholarships require specific documents, some do not. It’s best to learn about the particular requirements for your scholarship before you start gathering the items. The more well-prepared that you’re, the simpler you’ll be able to complete the application.

Alongside knowing the steps to take and how to do it, you should also be careful not to do anything that might reduce your chances of winning. For instance, you shouldn’t submit an unspecific cover letter. Instead, customize it for the application you’re making and include specific details to show why you are worthy of receiving it.

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